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  • MV
    Mario Vogler
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    It's fantastic! With Modalert, I was able to normalize my sleep. I can finally get through my work day without falling asleep as usual. I'm 55 and I have a great mood. Modalert improves my attention and concentration. This is one of the best drugs I have ever taken and I have tried just about everything.

  • RE
    Ralph Eichel
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    Hello, I am 50, and I had a period of high stress and excessive sleepiness. Someone advised me Modalert. I've taken the pills for 2 weeks. I experienced some side effects such as dizziness and thirst. I decreased the dose to 200 mg. It was just what I needed.

  • MD
    Matthias Drechsler
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I've got the order faster than I expected, and the packaging is safe.

  • FO
    Felix Ostermann
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I have already no need in coffee! No fatigue, I have an increased concentration and motivation, a wonderful feeling of clarity. I did have some side effects: nausea and dry mouth, but it's okay. But I'm in a surprisingly good mood for someone who's suffered from narcolepsy for the last few years.

  • MW
    Marko Wirtz
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    Modalert is a NUMBER ONE. With it I reached a maximum productivity.

  • MG
    Maik Glockner
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    For 7 years I used various online pharmacies, but none of them corresponded to the services provided by this one. It is very easy to place an order there. And delivery is fast. It is pleasant to deal with professionals who understand my needs.

  • TF
    Tom Frankfurter
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I've taken it by 200 mg for 5 months. It seems this medicine helps me a lot. I am overweight and I have lost 4 kg. But otherwise, except for the first month, when muscle weakness appeared, everything was fine!

  • DR
    Dominik Rothschild
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    During the first 3 weeks Modalert was very effective. I no longer worry about falling asleep at work or at the wheel of my car. I would really like to have these pills for all the past years. Antidepressants were useful, but not as good as Modalert.

  • FK
    Frank Kappel
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I'm a male and I'm 39. I have been taking the pills at a dose of 200 mg for 2 weeks now. And there are no side effects.

  • RS
    Robert Sanger
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I'm sorry for the people who weren't successful with this drug, it completely changed my life. For the first one and a half weeks I had apathy and headache. I let my body get used to the medicine and that helped. I've been taking Modalert for 7 weeks now and feel like I've been reborn. And don't be afraid of using such medicines. Side effects are possible, but not everyone has them.

  • TH
    Thomas Hoch
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I'm glad this medicine provides a necessary effect.

  • MT
    Mario Trommler
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    Chronic tiredness, sleepiness — all this has changed today. I have incredible clarity of mind, it's already 20:30 and I'm still awake. The drug began to work as expected, in about two hours after I took it. Now I wonder if I will have any side effects. Do any of you want to share your experience?

  • FT
    Felix Trommler
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I bought Modalert online. What a wonderful price! In the future, I will buy medicines only on this website.

  • TW
    Tobias Werner
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I have already taken Modalert for 3 weeks and I am very happy with it. Now I can say that I have narcolepsy under complete control. Adderall caused high blood pressure and headaches. Modalert makes me dizzy from time to time, but it's okay.

  • EK
    Eric Kohler
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    It eliminates fatigue of almost all levels, no matter the circumstances.

  • SB
    Stephan Beike
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    This is a generic drug of the same quality as Provigil, but at a much better price!

  • LP
    Lukas Pfeifer
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    The order was delivered on time, great pills.

  • SE
    Swen Ebersbacher
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    The day after taking Modalert I feel tired and have a headache. Yet, I got an excellent mark for the exam.

  • DH
    Daniel Hahn
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I ordered Modalert for the second time, the prices are reasonable, everything is fair.

  • MH
    Marcel Holzman
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I tried this drug for depression at a dose of 200 mg, one tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon. Clearly, the results were amazing, and my depression and sleepiness began to pass. Fatigue disappeared, good mood and clarity of consciousness increased.

  • PD
    Phillipp Dreher
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    This drug was a lifesaver! I'm no longer sleepy during the day. Sometimes I feel sluggish, but in general I now lead a normal life. In the first few days of using Modalert, I had a slight headache and a feeling of mental confusion. I reduced the dosage from 400 mg to 200 mg, and side effects disappeared.

  • RB
    Ralf Baer
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I'm taking an exam today and Modalert helps me get in the right mindset. I'm sure I'll succeed this time.

  • SB
    Stefan Becker
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I’m 50, and I’ve found it hard to do the simplest things. Modalert literally changed my life. I really want the effects of the pills not to decrease.

  • PF
    Phillipp Fiedler
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    I take Modalert to concentrate attention and improve productivity during university exams. My head is crystal clear, no side effects.

  • MS
    Mario Schmid
    Überprüfte Bewertung

    Hello everyone. I have already taken one tablet a day for 14 days. Modalert awakened my long dormant artistic talent. Yesterday I played a fantastic bass guitar solo. Now I want to write a song that will be a hit.

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